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May 4, 2019
Live action – No twerking for children at Pickled Pepper Books

We are concerned that a popular and local bookshop, Pickled Pepper Books in Crouch End, N8 – a family-friendly destination – is advertising two events with a drag artist who talks about  a character described as a champion twerker and the suggestion that there will be a twerking competition.

The events, in late June and early July, are advertised for 3+ years.

Views of drag artists and twerking are divided, some people like them, many women do not. But most agree they are adult activities. We know many people have expressed their concerns to the shop.

Please ask Pickled Pepper Books to rethink:

May 2, 2019
Live action – We want to talk to the local Labour Party – they don’t so keen…
Hornsey & Wood Green CLP asserts that ‘Transwomen are Women’ We disagree.
Haringey Resisters has requested that the local Labour Party put on an open meeting so that concerned members of the public can put their questions to Labour Party members over a recent motion passed as one of its meetings.
The motion said: “Transwomen are women, transmen are men.”
Prior to this motion being passed an amendment, which referenced the rights of women, was voted down.
Haringey Resisters asked a local Labour Party member to put forward a request for a meeting so people who supported the motion could explain their thinking  and those with concerns about the implication for women and children in Haringey could express those concerns.

To date, the CLP hasn’t said it will meet with residents but we will ask again once the European elections are over.

Archive – Completed actions
May 2
Housmans rethinks and cancels event
In May, Haringey women were alerted to an event advertised by Housmans, a long established bookshop in Kings Cross, based in Peace House and describing itself as a ‘radical bookshop selling publications on progressive politics’.
The event was called Class, Politics, Feminism and Fighting the Terf War and included the sentence “Terfs and Swerfs not welcome and can f**k right off.”
Haringey Resisters were among those who contacted the shop to complain and the event was swiftly cancelled.

It’s not a great surprise that we were able to get the event cancelled, what is surprising is that it was allowed to be staged in the first place.

April 2019
Supporting women at Downview Prison
Members of Haringey Resisters were part of the group of women who marched to DownView Prison in Surrey and protested the accommodation of trans identified men in the women’s prison. The action was well suported by visitors to the women, many of whom expressed concern at the arrangements.

March 2019

Breast Binding is Self-Harm
Members of Haringey Resisters attended the launch of The Breast Book, a publication aimed at girls aged nine and upwards. While the book has many good chapters and much useful information it also contains a large section on mastectomy as an option for girls unhappy with their bodies.
After buying tickets for the launch event and listening to the author read from the book and describe her aims, women in the audience questioned at length the innapropriate and unquestioning inclusion of mastectomy for healthy breasts.
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