4 February, 2019
Silencing women for talking about safeguarding children

Haringey Resisters was formed by a group of us who started speaking, mostly quietly, about the damage that transgender ideology is doing to children.  Our mission is to spread the word about this.  It’s not always comfortable, but when someone understands what we are saying and what we are fighting for, the satisfaction, and also the relief is immense.

Our first action has been to organise a talk by Stephanie Davies Arai and Claire Graham.  Stephanie is the founder of Transgender Trend who produce an excellent evidence-based information pack to help schools best support transgender children and their peers. We are very concerned that groups such as Gendered Intelligence and Stonewall are the only groups ‘educating’ teachers about this topic and we desperately want to provide some balance.

We booked a local school to host us, and when doing so were very clear that the purpose of the talk was to raise awareness of and to discuss our concerns around current teaching of transgender ideology in schools. We sent links to the schools’ pack produced by Transgender Trend, as well as to videos of talks by Stephanie and Claire. We were told that the headteacher had looked at the information, and our booking was accepted.

As an aside, Stephanie was short-listed for the John Maddox Prize for Science in November. The prize recognises the work of individuals who promote sound science on a matter of public interest often in the face of adversity. To have been shortlisted for this prestigious award gives an indication of the importance of Stephanie’s work.

We have advertised the talk mostly by posting flyers on social media, but also by email and we’ve left leaflets in several places. These flyers found their way on to PTA social media pages at a few local secondary schools, as well as a staff bulletin at one of them. As far as we know all of these posts have now been removed. Staff at two local secondary schools apparently advised the Headteacher at the venue we booked that our talk was transphobic, and fearful of controversy, the venue cancelled.

People who cannot have read the Transgender Trend schools pack, have not heard Stephanie or Claire speak, and do not know us, successfully acted to ensure our meeting was shut down. A meeting whose purpose was to draw attention to serious concerns about child safeguarding.

Can I just state this again?!  A MEETING HELD BY WOMEN TO DISCUSS ISSUES OF CHILD SAFEGUARDING WAS SHUT DOWN.  What on earth is going on here? Why should this not be discussed?

Groups backed by Stonewall, such as Gendered Intelligence, with no meaningful medical or therapeutic training or even scientific evidence go into schools, and have been doing for around ten years, with a bunch of ideas, IDEAS, and are facilitated in promoting those ideas to teachers and children as though they are facts. The repercussions of these ideas are not benign. They do not result in some wonderful ungendered utopia where we can all happily exist without being constrained by ludicrous sexist stereotypes.  On the contrary; these ideas result in 12 year old children making the decision to damage their fertility and take medication for the rest of their lives, which will wreak havoc on their minds and bodies. Where 18 year old (and younger) girls have their breasts surgically removed. their voices irreversibly break and they grow beards as a result of taking testosterone. Where boys reach the age of 18 with the genitalia of a 9 year old and go on to develop ‘breasts’.  These are children making huge decisions about the rest of their lives.

I count myself very lucky that the countless ridiculous decisions I made as a child did not have permanent repercussions.

I know not everyone agrees on this, I genuinely don’t understand why not, but none-the-less, most people would agree that we should have the right to respectfully discuss this.  The silencing of views which challenge the pervasive transgender thinking is a dangerous and frightening element of this ideology.  The hashtag #NoDebate has been frequently used to deter people from questioning this, and the framing of any discussion or debate about this as transphobic has ensured minimum debate resulting in a terrible situation for children confused about their gender identity.  They find it very hard to access any information or advice which gives balance to repeatedly stated mantras such as: “if you think you’re trans, you’re trans”.

We are the adults here, we cannot place the burden of this responsibility on to children.  We must learn about this, check the facts and insist upon rigorous debate.  Children are being damaged and if we do not challenge it, because we are afraid of being called transphobic, or unkind, then we are complicit and worse.

I want to make a special mention to the people I know who have claimed that the group organising this talk are hateful and transphobic.  Educate yourselves.  You have got this very wrong.  When you open your eyes, we will welcome with open arms, but please stop fighting to have us shut down in the meantime.

Attending a meeting of this nature does not signal agreement with the content of the meeting, but rather demonstrates a willingness to learn. If you think you disagree, come along and ask questions. It is crucial that people learn about this, because it might not be my child, and it might not be your child, but it will affect someone you know, and the repercussions can be catastrophic.

We do not want our new venue to have to field complaints about our meeting, so we have decided to release the address of the new venue at 4pm on the day. Please check this web site or email us.

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