This is the moving story written by the mother of a teenager who identified as transgender.

Transgender Trend is the bible for information and articles about gender non conforming and trans identifying children.  Stephanie Davies Arai was shortlisted for the prestigious John Maddox Award for science in 2018. There are several YouTube clips which may be appropriate for you child to watch.

Tavistock’s Experimentation with Puberty Blockers: Scrutinising the Evidence by Michael Biggs, Dept of Sociology, University of Oxford

An article by Chiara Canaan about her journey in and out of being transgender

This is a resource established by four young detransitioned women, sharing their stories and providing information on detransition, as well as support for those who may be questioning their gender or identity.

An article by Psychotherapist Bob Withers.

This is Lisa Littman’s study of Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria


Benjamin Boyce with GNC Centric

Pique Resilience Project

Peachy Yoghurt

Meghan Murphy

Stephanie Davies Arai

Magdalen Berns

Benjamin Boyce speaking to Lisa Marchiano

Charlie Rae – are there good reasons to oppose transgenderism?


‘Wrongspeak’ with Dr Susan Bradley



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